Hey, gang!  In this week’s Crow’s Nest, I wanted to shine the spotlight on the other fabulous artist who is working on Osprey Adrift:  Fiona Marchbank!

Fiona is a digital artist from across the pond, and she’s in charge of all the character illustrations, main box illustration, and the artwork on the scavenge cards. (So when you draw that oh-so-tempting Human Flesh card, you’ll have her to thank!)

I’ve been in contact with Fiona for awhile, and I was originally blown away by her portraits for the main characters in The History Channel’s “The Vikings.” She’s super cool, and I can’t wait to show you all what she’s cooking up for Osprey Adrift!

Until then, take a gander at some of Fiona’s work below, or find her online at her deviant art page and her character art page.

Until next time. Keep it plucky,


Steampunk - Fiona.png

Necromage - Fiona.png

The Magician - Fiona.png


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