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I’m beyond excited to be sharing some of the character artwork for Osprey Adrift today!

Fiona’s been busy breathing life into some of the unsavory (and savory… at least to a cannibal…) characters who are lost at sea aboard the One Winged Osprey. It’s amazing to me how my one or two line descriptions were interpreted by her artistic vision. I’m not a very visual thinker – I tend to think in terms of narratives; so it truly is remarkable that she was able to take what’s in my head and create something so cool.

Keep in mind that these are just preliminary sketches and flat colour designs used to get the shapes and overall colour schemes right. They’ll be refined a bit more and given highlights to add dimension. That said, I absolutely love how they’re shaping up! Fiona’s style is very graphic and sharp – for those of you who haven’t checked out her deviantart pages yet, be sure to take a gander here and here (for her character art).

Also keep in mind that these are just the core 12 Roles that will be available with the game. I’ve got more planned as stretch goals, plus there’s always the chance that we’ll include a pledge level where you’ll be able to submit a photo of yourself and become one of the crew members! Anyway, without further ado (in alphabetical order)…

Betsy Miles.png

Betsy Miles (The Parrot Trainer)

Betsy has been a member of the One Winged Osprey’s crew since the beginning. Though she’s taken to training hawks and other birds of prey in recent years, her old friends–the parrots–still serve as useful spies, because they can never lie about the conversations they hear…

Twice per game, you may be in the room where a trade is taking place between other players.

Christopher Cross.png

Christopher Cross (The Cannoneer)

Once a good-looking young man with a promising life, Christopher lost his fiancee to Mother’s Ruin. Now, he’s scarred and nearly deaf from manning the cannons on the Osprey. Some think he’s mad, but he finds no greater thrill than blasting beautiful things to smithereens…

You cannot be the target of the “Diviner’s Bowl” or “Spyglass” cards.

Iron Eye Cordelia.png

Iron-Eye Cordelia (The First Mate)

She was Captain Nine Fingers’ first mate aboard the One-Winged Osprey. Respected by the entire crew, Cordelia is trying to hold things together while she watches the crew of the drifting ship descend into madness…

If you are tied to walk the plank, you cannot be chosen to walk. If you are tied to be captain, you become captain.

The Lady Ravenrose.png

Lady Ravenrose (The Sharpshooter)

No one would ever dare pull a gun on her, out of fear she’ll shoot them between the eyes before they can even take aim. She’s a deadly combination of beauty, wit, and skill…

You may not be killed by the “A Single Bullet” card.

Maximilian Black.png

Maximilian Black (The Academic)

He’s traveled around the world, under the command of numerous pirate Captains, lending his knowledge in the areas of navigation, languages, and the dark arts, for a price. His loyalty to Captain Nine Fingers was only as deep as his coin purse… but then again, the same could be said for every member of the crew…

Once per game, when a player dies, you may redistribute their cards amongst any player(s), instead of discarding them.

Old Grizelda.png

Old Grizelda (The Collector)

She believes there’s never a reason to throw anything away, especially at sea. While some of the crew sees her collecting of trinkets and baubles as a frivolous hobby, she’s got a bullet to fit every gun and a knife to fit every throat…

You may hold one extra card in your hand at the end of your turns.

Padre Alonso de Oro.png

Padre Alonso de Oro (The Holy Man)

A former Jesuit priest, he still maintains a strong connection with God… which should prove handy given all the sin that’s accumulated from a life of piracy…

If you are Pure, you may eat “Human Flesh” cards as if they were “Fish” cards.


Silverbeard (The Purser)

He was the only one Captain Nine Fingers trusted to keep tabs on the crew’s coffers. Now that Nine Fingers is gone, the only things saving Silverbeard from a rush on the treasury are his skills of social manipulation… and his prize dueling pistols…

Each round, after the captain is selected, you may take 1 of the Coin cards used to bid instead of returning it to the box.

Sister Aldina.png

Sister Aldina (The Seer)

She was born with the power to see things as they might come to be. Although her reclusiveness is sometimes interpreted as being self-serving, she is a valued member of the crew – for treasure hunting… or for uncovering a mutiny before it happens…

Once per round, you may look at the cards that another player draws or discards.

Three Tongued Sal.png

Three-Tongued Sal (The Rummy)

He’s everyone’s favorite crewmate when he’s sharing his secret stash of rum, but after a night of hitting the sauce by himself, he never seems to remember what happened…

You cannot be the target of the “Rum” or “Poisons Manual” cards.

Tin Toothed Hines.png

Tin-Toothed Hines (The Tinkerer)

He’s as bright as his shiny tin teeth. Give him a bit of fermenting seaweed, an old bottle, and some gunpowder, and he can make an exquisite beverage… or a vicious explosive…

Once per game, you may use a single Resource card as if it were any other single Resource card.


Tiny (The Muscle)

Capable of crushing two skulls with one hand, he is the proverbial unstoppable force. When he’s not keeping order on board the ship, he serves as the late Captain Ninefingers’ daughter Olivia’s bodyguard – even though the girl hardly needs protecting.

You cannot be the target of the “Whittled Shiv” or “Gag” cards.

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