Hey, gang!

As work on Osprey Adrift clips along and things with the artwork, manufacturing, and logistics line up, I have a few exciting things to share with you.

Today, I’m giving you a first look at some of our stretch goals for the Kickstarter campaign!

In addition to the 12 core Roles I shared with you last week, Fiona’s sketched out four additional ones that will be added to all of the Kickstarter copies of the game, should we meet their respective stretch goals (I’d love to include them all in the retail version of the game, but it’s not a guarantee… cards aren’t cheap, especially at low print-run volumes.)

These four additional characters are some of my favorites from the lore of the One Winged Osprey, and I hope we can raise enough money to include them in the final version of the game! For a quick snapshot of these four Roles, keep on reading. One of them might just be gnawing on your arm in the middle of the night…


Bras-de-Bois (The Chef)

Accustomed to cooking strange things out of necessity, he’s had to put his skills to the test since the Osprey found itself lost at sea. The crew can only last on hardtack and rum for so long…

Once per game, you may show the other players a “Seaweed” card and eat it, instead of a Food card.


Henry Miles (The Lookout)

As Betsy Miles’ younger brother, he’s tired of being told that he needs protecting. Some of the crew mistake his congenial optimism for innocence – a misstep that could cost them, should they cross him.

At the end of each Day phase, you may make a free “play a black card” action.


João the Nose (The Scavenger)

A former member of The Black Kracken’s crew, he’s had a hard time fitting in with the members of the One-Winged Osprey. He has a habit of stealing things that belong to the other crewmen… and then threatening to kill them with their own knives when confronted about it…

Twice per game, when you draw cards as an action, you may choose to discard them and immediately draw again.


Olivia (The Child)

Born and raised on the One-Winged Osprey, she knows no other life than the life of a pirate. To underestimate her would be a mistake – she wears a necklace of all the teeth she’s knocked out of people’s mouths who thought she was just a cute little girl.

Whenever another player is the target of the “Whittled Shiv” card, you may draw a card.

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